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SEANATIC is a project developed by a consortium of 5 partners, which aims to develop a preventive maintenance solution, the purpose being to reduce vessel operating costs and improve the design of future vessels.
As a first step towards the autonomous vessel, SEANATIC will bring new opportunities in terms of energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction thanks to an innovative predictive maintenance solution for vessels. 

THALOS mission

In the scope of this project, THALOS brings its expertise and innovation capabilities in the field of satellite data transmission and hybrid WAN networks. The project’s data transmission optimization and reliability needs has benefited from these contributions.
This participation took the form of the design and development of “Smart Antenna System” communication components. This innovative solution include an embedded communication system (“Smart Antenna Box”) and a central gateway server (“Smart Antenna Hub”). This system ensure data transfers between onboard maritime systems and the cloud.

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This Project is supported by the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) operated by ADEME.

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