Managed & secured connectivity solution

OceanBox is the central point of onboard connectivity

Multi-link configuration

OceanBox is a solution that interfaces with all satellite communication services (Constellations LEO, MEO, GEO). It allows uninterrupted, secure and very high speed connectivity.

Complete architecture

OceanBox is a system that fully manages an architecture of tight networks with dedicated configurations.

Flow management

OceanBox provides data flow management, bandwidth optimization and traffic supervision, improving the use of professional applications and crew connectivity.

Main Features

Network Management with dedicated rules
Traffic monitoring and control

Traffic overview, filtering, alerts, scratchcards…

VPN Access

Branch offices, Remote administration & maintenance

Real-time vessel tracking
Satellite link management

Multilink configuration, throttling, automatic failover, flow encryption

Business tools

Telemetry, automatic file transfer

Onboard supervision interface
Onshore management and supervision interface

All satellite communication services

OceanBox interfaces with all satellite communication services, offering you the most suitable configuration to achieve the most efficient connectivity possible.

Whatever your type of ship, your area of navigation, number of passengers or uses on board, THALOS guarantees the optimal connectivity available, meeting your specific maritime needs.



Very high-speed connectivity with a compact, easy-to-install antenna. This service provides worldwide coverage at competitive rates, enabling fast, constant connectivity for maritime operations.

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress combines the reliability of the Global Xpress network with the extensive coverage of FleetBroadband for uninterrupted connectivity. This service offers high data speed and high link availability.

FleetBroad Band


Offering reliable broadband connectivity across the world's oceans, this service guarantees efficient, stable communication.



Based on the Iridium Next constellation, Certus offers worldwide coverage. With a very compact, lightweight antenna, this system provides reliable connectivity.



A high-speed satellite communication solution, offering Ku- and Ka-band services. This service offers high link and service availability.

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OceanBox has been designed with full awareness of today’s cyber challenges.

Our network architecture is designed to manage and secure all data flows between ship and shore.
Its functionalities also enable traffic to be monitored to identify any intrusion and ensure continuity of services in the event of a cyber attack.

THALOS is also a member of the France Cyber Maritime organization, contributing to innovation and information sharing in this domain.

France Cyber Maritime

THALOS is also a member of France Cyber Maritime, contributing to innovation and information sharing in this field.

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