We create added value

We make our solutions smart, so they add value to your maritime operations. Our solutions integrates additional functionalities and services that streamline processes and assist mariners. By simplifying operations, our solutions help reduce the complexity and improve the efficiency of maritime tasks. Our approach is grounded in practicality, aiming to deliver clear benefits such as process optimization and operational support. This creates tangible value for mariners, allowing them to focus on essential activities with improved tools at their disposal.

We design our solutions

We develop our solutions in-house, enabling us to create end-to-end services tailored to your needs. By controlling the development process from start to finish, we maintain a high level of flexibility and customization, enabling us to adapt our solutions to changing industry requirements. Our commitment to in-house development means that we can quickly implement changes, ensuring that our services remain relevant and effective. This hands-on approach results in solutions that are not only efficient and reliable, but also highly customized to improve operational performance and effectively support mariners,

We specialize in maritime sector

We are deeply anchored in the maritime sector, with an acute awareness of its constraints, ongoing changes, new technologies and emerging needs. Our specialization enables us to keep pace with the industry's evolution, ensuring that our solutions are not only relevant, but also at the cutting edge of innovation. We understand that the marine industry is not static; it's a dynamic field subject to rapid change and advancement. Our solutions are designed to be scalable, to meet the needs of operations of varying size and complexity. This scalability ensures that our solutions keep pace with industry needs and technologies, without compromising performance or reliability.

We have high skilled team

Our highly qualified team is the driving force behind the reliability and quality of our solutions. With advanced digital and technical skills, our people ensure that every solution we develop meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. The skills of our team also include first-rate customer service and support. This expertise is not only fundamental to the relevance of our solutions, but also crucial to staying at the cutting edge of technological advances.


Quality is our priority to offer you reliable and secure solutions.


We adapt our solutions to fit your needs.


Our technical team assist you on every ocean, with a personalized contact. They won't leave until it works!

We are specialized in innovative digital solutions, for vessel operational performance

Our management and efficiency solutions are developed to improve your operational performances



Creation of the company in France



Release of the first CATSAT version with CLS



Realease of OceanPost, the forerunner of OceanBox solution



Release of the first version of OceanBox



Creation of the Holding company



Release of the first OceanLive version



Creation of the company in Mauritius



Creation of the company in Taiwan



HOLSAT joins the Grupo Arbulu group



Based in Ploemeur - France, THALOS has an R&D team, a sales team and an operational team to meet your needs throughout the Atlantic Ocean.


Based in La Plaine Magnien, Mauritius, ERISAT's operational team configures, deploys and supports solutions mainly in the Indian Ocean.


Based in Kaohsiung - Taiwan, OCEAN-SAT integrates a sales and operational department to provide service throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Clusters et networks

THALOS is a proud member of several networks spanning the maritime, digital, and regional development domains. These networks serve to bring together players in each sector and facilitate the exchange of ideas between industry professionals. Through active participation, we are involved in conferences relevant to our business and contribute to the dynamic evolution of these sectors.

THALOS is part of the Arbulu Group which is one of the largest groups in the world specializing in marine electronics and satellite communications.

It is a group of independent companies, each of which is a market leader.