Fleet operation electronic monitoring system

OceanLive is an Electronic Monitoring System for the operation supervision
It collects, records, and processes data from onboard sensors (video, GPS, AI, etc.)
The system then exploits and analyzes this data (notably via AI) to meet the ship's operational, commercial, and regulatory needs

Our complete system also integrates

The onboard cameras network located on areas of interest
The automatic and triggered video recordings
A video analysis service with Bureau Veritas partner, for certifications
The data storage, transfer and distribution, with a dedicated infrastructure
Autonomous supervision of the system status through ShoreManager OceanLive application


Automatic Fishing declaration support
Fish valorization

Seafood company, FAD-Free fishing

Support for certification


Contribute to scientific research
Security and insurance support
Legal compliance

Landing obligation…

Our IA functionalities

Fishing operation detection
Catch volume estimation
Species identification
Blurred face
Movement detection

We share skills and experience to contribute to innovation in this sector

THALOS is part of working groups for EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) or REM (Remote Electronic Monitoring) solution in the world. 


The OceanLive solution includes a video analysis and certification service provided by our partner Bureau Veritas Living Ressources.

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